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Lacey is the best chair in the house
Quite often youth sit on the horses that are tied to the round pen and watch others get their lessons.

Larry steps up
Larry has demonstrated that he can walk, trot and lope without stirrups. He now is allowed to ride off the line. He is pretty proud and he should be.

Four close friends
We have been blessed with the donation of some great horses. Mick loves kids and his personality gives these three the confidence they need. Our youth come away with a can-do attitude.

Giving back
Larry has been one of the most steadfast youth in coming to free lesson day. Here he is able to share with Harley. We do all that we can to encourage the older youth to work with younger ones in order to build intergenerational support.

A time to build smiles
While waiting for lessons youth are able to have free play in a safe ranch setting. Adults who are not watching lessons gather around the fire and chat. We believe that relationships are formed during these times that are a crucial part of building a support network.

A gift
I recieved a call that a doll house would be donated if I could find some girls who would play with it. Little did I know that the house would be bigger than my first apartment. These young ladies have had it affirmed that there are good people in the world who care.

I can fly
Jake is Mr giggles. He needs to show me that he can walk, trot and lope with no hands before I let him ride with reins. This way he doesn't pull on the horses mouth to keep his balance. Starting this way builds confidence in the rider.

This young man has incredible balance and is an athlete. He also has a complete lack of fear. It is great to see him swell with pride over doing well at being good.

Dinner time
As often as possible we try to facilitate food for our families. Some of the people who come from either the county or the reservation are hungry for many reasons when they come. We feed them so they can enjoy their time and each other. Someone once said feed my lambs. Some of us take that very seriously.

Did you see that my Dad is here?
We provide the place where adults enjoy coming and supporting their youth. Many of the adults climb up and show that they really can ride. We encourage adults to get involved and help us build and grow.

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