The funding for our growing ministry and programs continues to be a challenge. We must build for the long term and make the commitment to building quality programs and facilities to serve for years to come. This means that we need to take the time to learn about what we have and format a design that meets long-term goals. We currently have a seven to ten year facility improvement plan to raise $1.5 million dollars which will not only meet needs locally, but will also allow us to share what we have learned with others from around our country. By September first we need to provide stable long-term housing for Pastor Chris in his role a clergy for Sanctuary and director of Faith Trails. Currently Chris and his family have a six-month rental in Madras.

We also must meet the need for the operational costs of our programs and ministry as they mature. Overall, our operations budget for 2007 will be $175,000. While 80 % of our funds,in the past, have been raised through donations the remaining 20% have been raised through fundraisers and events. The major areas of expense will be facility upkeep and development, staff salaries and training, animal husbandry, and program\ministry implementation. With the acquisition of our leases we have been able to cut our mileage by 30%, but the cost of fuel, insurance, and maintenance is significant. We now have two vehicles and three trailers in service. Our Suburban needs a new transmission and is out of service. With some minor mechanical work, we will be able to deliver approximately 10 horses and 12 people to an event. We also have 40 horses and 21 cows that care for, and while they bring many benefits their feed and upkeep are a constant expense. The donation of funds will allow us to connect our resources and maintain our momentum in 2007.

Prayer Requests

  • Please keep all of the participants in our programs and ministry in your prayers. Life challenges the people in our community in unique and powerful ways. We pray for the strength and insight to live through challenging times and be thankful for the good that shines through.
  • Please pray for the animal partners who carry us physically and aide us spiritually.
  • Please pray for all of those who find it in their hearts to support what we are trying to build.
  • Please pray that we find a year round home that is culturally neutral for this ministry and program while best serving our community of faith.
  • Please pray that we find the funding for continued growth, ministry and service.
  • Please pray for all of those who pull in harness with us to share the good news and do good works.

To the Father Creator in Jesus ' name we pray.


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