We believe that it is important to keep everyone who has been active in the work of Sanctuary and Faith Trails informed of both our achievements and our challenges. We have leased over 1200 acres bordering the reservation, we have hosted groups and individuals from many communities, and we have initiated new programs and maintained preexisting ones for the communities we serve. Sanctuary has acquired the vehicles to transport horses but we need help in taking in a fuel effecient vehicle that seats at least 5. We use this vehicle to run errands and transport people to appointments. We still face funding challenges for our programs and community outreach. We have made progress on building a home on one of the ranches we lease. The tribes and Sanctuary are partnering on building a green home that will be independent from the grid. Progress is slow but it is moving ahead. It is so important that leadership is seen as long term. Stable housing on tribal land will bring this about. Faith Trails continues its intervention program in partnership with Sanctuary. Chris Buller is registered as a primary contact for more than 50 students in the local schools. Students are then able to reach Chris in times of need, and Chris is able to check in with the students and take them off campus. Many of our families live 20-50 miles from the school; this support is crucial for many of the families we work with. Our study hall program meets weekly and provides the time and tutoring for students to achieve goals. Sanctuary continues to have a very active ministry. I still preach on the radio three times a week as part of the Christian music hour called ďItís All Good,Ē In addition I have preached around Oregon, Idaho, and Southern California. I am available to speak to groups, present horse based clinics that teach about relationships and faith. I am available to preach with prior notice. We have hosted groups from in and out of state and we are available for mission and work groups. We outfit the experience based on the goals and abilities of the group. The stable IKIUTAN at Kah Nee Ta has been a huge blessing in helping the youth and families we work with grow. We now have an incredible business that employs people and teaches crucial work skills. Call (541)553-1112 or (541)460-0117 about how to book a ride or explore this project. Sanctuary and Faith Trails continue to deliver food aide packages, as funding allows, consisting of good lean protein, fresh produce, and hygiene products that average 35lbs each. We have delivered just over 2,000 lbs of food. The goal is to feed a family of four for three to four days in order to allow the adults time to deal with issues besides food. In addition, we also continue to facilitate the distribution of clothing on the reservation. We have distributed over 13,000 items in 2005 and 2006. Crisis intervention and support in multiple family and individual issues is still a large part of what we do. I have a large list of people that do one on one adult counseling with Chris, and we are planning to start a menís group in November. Chris has done several round pen clinics using horses to teach about interpersonal relationships and a relationship with God. One of the greatest new developments has been the novice riding and family time, which now takes place on Sundays. This has developed into a multigenerational time with people working to support each other to make good life choices. We pray together in an attitude of true thanksgiving for our place of peace. Review of the last years youth progam:

  • Endurance rides.
  • Trail Rides.
  • Roping Clinics.
  • Parades.
  • Built round pens.
  • Organized and implemented fundraisers.
  • Study hall.
  • Behavior contracts.
  • Clothing and tack disbursement.
  • Help local ranchers.
Future projects we are looking to pursue:
  • Build 4 horse camping sites on the reservation.
  • Continue helping youth to develop where they express an interest.
  • Develop internship program with the NRHA & NRCHA.
  • Build a family program.
  • Purchase and build a family teaching and worship centers
Long Term gGoals:
  • Work with youth and adults as they move forward on the journey of faith.
  • Deliver communion to the elderly or ill on the reservation.
  • Perform more weddings and funerals for the community.
  • Engage the other communities of faith formally to introduce people to what we are doing and build supportive relationships.
  • Atain grant or funding base that allows us to move to the next level in our building plans.
  • plan and build an education center for a private school on site.
  • With your support and prayers, we have accomplished so much. We are becoming that place where people enjoy healthy relationships and feel supported in their challenges. We try to walk the walk taught to us by Jesus. We hopefully teach by example and learn by experience. We are in an incredibly alive place, and we hope that you all will be there to enjoy our triumphs, grow through challenges, and continue to be part of a community that will feed generations to come. In Christ, Chris Buller H (541) 475-3115 C (541)-460-0177 You may make donations online on the contact us page.

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