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Many of you have been following the ministry of the Sanctuary and the projects of Faith Trails for some time, while others of you are new to us and are looking for more information. The goal of this website is to help all who have our ministry on their heart to better understand the scope of what we do. We want everyone to know that if they ever have questions about worship, events, projects, or prayer requests you can contact us through our web site www.sanctuaryfaithtrails.org (check out the photo gallery) or call us at (541) 475-3115 / (541) 460-0177. We are constantly adapting what we do to remain relevant and alive for those in our community of faith. That includes those of you who are not in our area but are close in spirit to what we are doing.

We use two non-profits to accomplish our goals. Sanctuary is the name of the faith based non-profit. It is the church. Faith Trails is the non-profit that facilitates good works that help individuals, families and community build faith and hope in their futures. The two non-profits operate in a symbiotic relationship. We have two non-profits because many funding sources are unable to give to church based organizations, but they can give to a non-profit that funds good works. Having two non-profits working in partnership allows us to best serve God and the community in which we live.

We model ourselves after the communities of the early Christian church. We strive to create a safe place to grow in our relationships with God and each other. The common thread that runs through our community is a passion for horse, ranch, and outdoor related activities for all ages. We believe that God gives us our passions because that is where he wants to meet us. We hope that as you build relationships within this community and feel God in your life, in your passion, and in your heart you will be able to accept him in the mundane as well as in the passionate.

We use horses as they have a special place in the heart of the communities in which we work. Native people have always seen the horse as a symbol of spirituality, and as a tie to a time when their culture was intact. The Hispanic community has the whole vaquero tradition that is part of their history and culture. The White community is steeped in cowboy and ranching history. Each of the ethnic groups that live in this area have a preprogrammed hot button set in them to gather around this animal and while doing so increase tolerance for each other. Horses, by their very nature, are a social herd and prey animal. Observing and working with horses instincts and learned behaviors teaches about trust and community. The unique ability of the horse to teach about ones place in the world creates a place where barriers of gender, ethnicity, and age can be set-aside and community can grow. Individuals find fellowship. A sanctuary is created that with time can fortify us as we go out into the world. I do not believe in coincidence; the forgiving Creator God put these pieces in place. I believe the Native community is where these pieces can be put together in a way to heal brokenness and bolster the beauty of the reservation. I believe it is time for the Native community to witness and share the good news in a way that cherishes the good in our individual cultures and celebrates each of our places in creation.

Join us in creating and growing this ministry with our talents and gifts. The community that results will honor God through healing, building hope, growth and worship.

God Bless.
In Christ,

Chris Buller
Clergy and Board President of the Sanctuary
Director Faith Trails

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